Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults

We take the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults extremely seriously, which means that children and youth are always accompanied by adults who have been DBS checked and trained according to the Diocese of Ely's safeguarding guidance, and in accordance with the Church of England's national policies.

To download the Christ Church Huntingdon safeguarding policy, click here.

To download the Christ Church Huntingdon safeguarding best practice guidelines, click here. 

To contact our safeguarding officer, Alice Gilbert, click here or find additional contact details in the safeguarding policy.

Click here for our Safeguarding report for March 2022

Click here for more information regarding SafeSpaces - A service for victims and survivors of church-related abuse

Click here for help locally if you are struggling in some way and need pointers to agencies of help and support

Healthy Church Culture

The bible encourages Christlike servant leadership from start to finish (Luke 22:24-30). At Christ Church Huntingdon we seek with God’s help to put this into practice. In the light of some recent failures in leadership in evangelical churches, here are several steps we are taking in order to promote (under God) a healthy culture…
  • We seek to understand the teaching of the Scriptures on healthy leadership, and teach periodically on this in our Bible teaching.
  • The elders seek to keep one another (and Charlie) accountable in areas of personal godliness and the proper use of authority in leadership.
  • Recruiting to new roles (including small group leadership) includes a discussion on safeguarding and careful use of authority and the dangers of “heavy shepherding” in one-to-one ministry, as well as good practice in safeguarding.
  • In 2022 we have conducted a culture review which has recommended several areas for review and adaptation. These recommendations are available from Susan Brown (chair of the culture committee) or Jon Gilbert (warden/elder). 
  • Above all, we look to the Lord to shepherd our flock from harm, as we all seek to submit to his leadership and care. 
If anyone has a concern of a safeguarding nature about a member of staff or lay person, they should contact our safeguarding officer (contact details here). And if they have a concern of a non-safeguarding nature, they should contact one of the church wardens (contact the Ops Manager here for their contact details). The Diocese of Ely’s safeguarding team can be contacted here.