New to Church?

Perhaps you haven’t stepped foot in church for years, and even then it was only for a wedding or a funeral. Perhaps you’ve got big questions about Christianity: Is God real? And if he is, why is there so much suffering in the world? Perhaps you are intrigued about Jesus Christ, but don’t know quite where to begin.

Be reassured that Christ Church Huntingdon is specifically designed to be a church for people who don’t necessarily go to church!

That means that if you come on a Sunday, we hope you won’t be made uncomfortable in any way (except perhaps by the sometimes challenging message of the Bible!).

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If you have any questions, great! So have we! We believe God has told us everything we need to know in the Bible and its message about Jesus Christ. You can read the Bible online, or we’d love to give you a copy of the Bible, and can help you know where to begin. Find out more about What We Believe and feel free to Contact Us for more information. You might also find the resources page helpful.