Annual Church Meeting 2021 

Our annual church meeting was on Sunday 18 April 2021. The agenda (including zoom link) are posted below and the minutes from the 2020 meeting are also available. If you have joined the church over the last year, you may like to fill in a commitment form, which gives you an opportunity to state your commitment to having CCH as your home church. Any questions, do get in touch.

CCH ACM 18 April 2021 Minutes FINAL (5.7MB)
Charlie Presentation for ACM2022 re Looking Ahead (220.1KB)
2022-03-13 ACM Report summary (383.7KB)
2022 CCH Commitment Form (1) (245.5KB)
CCH Annual Report 2021 (177.7KB)
Vision for CCH staff team 06FEB22 (1) (283.6KB)
CCH Annual Church Meeting Agenda 13MAR22 (135.3KB)
Double Job advert 01MAR22 FINAL (1) (164.5KB)
CCH ACM 18 April 2021 FINAL (5.7MB)
Charlies 2020 ACM review and direction (135.6KB)
Bible thought for ACM 2021 James 4 (117.6KB)
2021 CCH Commitment Form (27.3KB)
Financial Report 2020 (67.1KB)
CCH Annual Church Meeting Agenda 18APR21 (176.6KB)
CCH Annual Report on 2020 (177.5KB)
CCH Doctrinal Basis of CIO for council members (95.4KB)
CCH Annual Church Meeting minutes Feb 2020 (871.9KB)
2021 CCH Commitment Form (246.9KB)
Hopes and Dreams for CCH April 2021 (211.2KB)